Robert Kilpatrick


  • Nationality: Australian

  • Age: 26

  • Height: 6'1"

  • Weight: 137kg

  • Age When Starting Training Strongman: 22

  • Training Per Week: 5 Days for 2-3+ hours

  • Website:


The aim is to represent Australia with everything I have in March 2013 for the Strongman Champions League Australia round while also trying to finish top 3 in my final 2 events for 2012, as after November it is head down into the training to prepare for March and do little comps if any are held. While doing this I will still be mentoring all the Athletes that are training with me at my training facility as to me I want to give back to the sport as much as I can as with any true sportsman you must always give back as much as you receive (this is my philosophy to being the best).


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Achievements over Career

  • Kalbar Strongman Show 2009 - 4th Place

  • Oz Strongman Springwood 2009 Show - 4th Place

  • Darling-downs Strongest Man 2010 - 3rd Place

  • Baudeserts Strongest Man 2011 - 1st Place

  • Gold Coast Strongest Man 2011 - 1st Place

  • Melbourne's Strongest Man 2011 - 2nd Place

  • NSW Strongman League Final 2011 - 3rd Place

  • Strongman Champions League Qualifier 1 2011 - 2nd Place

  • Strongman Champions League Qualifier 2 2011 - 3rd Place

  • Tuff As Strongman Show II 2012 - 1st Place

  • Strongman Champions League Qualifier Final 2012 - 2nd Place

  • Wynnum Strongest Man 2012 - 1st Place

  • Strength Quest 2012 - 5th In Australia (More in me just did what was needed to get a spot)

  • Gold Coast Strongest Man 2012 - 1st Place

  • Amateur Australians Strongest Man 2012 - 3rd Place


  • I'm Robert Kilpatrick, I hail from Melbourne and am working hard on becoming one of Australia's best U80/U90 strongmen.

  • I train at both Definition352 and Elite Sports Performance with great coaches and some of the best training partners out there! Shout out to the lot of you!

  • In the short term I'd like to place amongst the top 3 in the U80s in the current year (2012).

  • I'm always interested in more efficient and effective methods of training, hoping to one day pass everything I learn onto new lifters.

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